10 Super Affordable Valentine's Day Date Ideas

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10 Super Affordable Valentine's Day Date Ideas

February 01, 2017 - 21:03
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Some people may think that Valentine's Day is all about expensive wining and dining and high priced bouquets of flowers paired with boxes of chocolates. If these traditions just aren't in your budget don't worry about it. You can still have an absolutely fabulous and romantic Valentine's Day without spending your entire paycheck. We've assembled a list of 7 affordable Valentine's Day date ideas that are sure to impress your significant other.

Picnic in the Park
Being out in the great outdoors getting fresh air is always a great way to spend the day. Grab a blanket and a bottle of wine and head out to your favorite park. You can make cheap sandwiches or crackers with a variety of cheeses and deli meats for a quick and easy meal. Bring a frisbee or a beach ball for simple entertainment. Leave your electronic devices out of the equation so you guys can focus on spending quality time together.

Movie Night at Home
If doing the traditional dinner and a movie date is out of your budget this Valentine's Day, have a movie night at home instead. Heat up some popcorn and turn on Netflix. For extra romance and something out of norm try whipping up some chocolate fondue to snack on during the movie.

Go For a Bike Ride
A leisurely bike ride out in nature is a great way to spend the day. Find a lovely little spot in your city to explore and finish off the day by grabbing a cup of coffee or an ice cream cone.

Candlelight Dinner at Home
Making a meal together can be really fun and very affordable depending on what you make. Try making a pizza and opening up a nice bottle of wine that will compliment the meal.

Ice Skating
Pack your own hot cocoa in a thermos and head over to your local ice skating rink. This is a fun, low key activity that makes for a really fun date night whether it is with someone you just met or with your spouse of many years. Plus ice skating is generally a pretty inexpensive date night, and you could even bring your kids if you aren't able to get a sitter for the evening.

Attend a Local Live Show
Does you town or city have a killer hometown band that is playing? Or maybe there is a really funny local improv group around you that is putting on a show. Perhaps the church or high school down the street is putting on a play you can attend. There are lots of ways to have a fun night out seeing some live entertainment on the cheap.

Volunteer Together
Doing something nice for your community is a great way to bond with someone and share a really cool, unique experience. It is also completely free. Best of all you are doing something that you know will make a difference which is always a good use of your time.

Have a Spa Night
And by that I mean your local jacuzzi or hot tub. It is always fun to sit out in the hot tub on a cold night and check out the stars. Bring a bottle of champagne to add even more romance to this date.

Paint Something Together
Being creative is always a fun way to get conversation going and have a memorable experience. Buy some cheap paints and canvasses and go out into nature and paint what you see. Or better yet take turns painting portraits of each other. Just make sure the portrait is flattering!

Explore Your City or Town's Tourist Spots
Our last affordable Valentine's Day date idea is to see the sights in your local city or town. Do you live near a cool tourist destination that you haven't had a chance to check out yet? Is there a building by you rumored to be haunted or a museum you've been wanting to explore but haven't had time? Use Valentine's Day as an excuse to finally go check these items off your bucket list. You can even turn the day into a fun scavenger hunt game by looking for certain things all around your city.

That completes our list of 10 affordable Valentine's Day date ideas. Let us know if you decide to use one of these for your special v-day date! We would love to hear your date ideas as well.