9 Tips to Tame Your Cell Phone Bill

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9 Tips to Tame Your Cell Phone Bill

August 27, 2017 - 16:24
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Here is how we are going to save money on our cell phone bill:

Track Your Minutes -
- Don’t go over it’s expensive and the number one way to blow up your bill.

Friends & Family -
- For the right clients friends and family plans offer huge savings, look at your usage and see if it works, this can save you as much as 50% on your bill.

Are you a light user? Go Prepaid -
- No contracts, no overages, no expensive devices -just a phone to use when you need it. Provided you don’t need it a lot.

Adjust your Voice and Data plan to match your usage -
- Pretty self-explanatory, don’t pay for things you don’t need.

Use an app to text w/friends –
- Tools like Telegram and WhatsApp are free, work internationally, are secure so no one listens in and are when compared to a general group text effectively free.

Watch out for Apps –
- GPS, ringtone downloads, games, premium voicemail, data plans – there are lots of cell phone extras to choose from, but in the end, and they all chew up data and increase your bill.
- Kill back ground app updates, not only does this use up your battery it hits your data as well.
- Always chose free apps over paid/freemium versions

Wifi – Wifi –Wifi
- Tap into as many wifi networks as you can and default to bringing in data and information that way – it will save you tons on data

Get a Senior Discount -
- Over 65? There are government and company sponsored plans and discounts for you!

- Or at least threaten to, you’ll be amazed at the discounts you magically qualify for.

There it is the Save More get More guide to reducing your cell phone bill in the coming year - here's to having a little more money in our pockets in 2017!