How to Host a Relaxing and Budget Friendly Spa Party

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How to Host a Relaxing and Budget Friendly Spa Party

August 29, 2016 - 15:20
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This weekend I decided to put together a budget friendly spa party for me and some friends. It was a great excuse to get together and chat plus have a relaxing evening at home. My goal was to create a spa-like atmosphere while mostly using products and supplies that I already owned. If you too are looking to host a spa party on the cheap, here are my top tips.

1. Set the Mood
The two most important parts of creating a calming spa-like atmosphere is choosing the right music and the right fragrance for the room. I went to Pandora and found a peaceful and serene ocean sounds channel. Then for the scent I used an aromatherapy diffuser with lavender essential oil. The 3rd most important element is making sure your space for the party is clean and clutter free.

2. Plan Simple and Inexpensive Activities
Choose around 3 treatments that you and your guests can do throughout the party. Try to keep the activities really simple and easy to coordinate. We did a foot soak with lavender scented epson salt, face masks, and we painted our nails. So that everyone would have all the products they needed easily available, I put together little gift bags for each girl. Each one received a plastic tub for the foot soak, a washcloth, a ziplock bag of Epsom salt, a face mask, and an all-in-one nail brush and pumice stone. Just for fun, I also threw in some chocolates and a peppermint tea bag.

All of the items for the girls were very inexpensive. I purchased the bags and tags at the Target dollar spot. The bag of epson salt was under $4 from Target. The face masks were around $2 each. The plastic tubs and the all-in-one nail brushes and pumice stones were from the Dollar Tree. I put out nail polishes, scrubs, cotton balls, lotions, and nail polish remover that I already had for the girls and I to all share.

3. Make it a Potluck
For the food, I was also able to keep the cost down by making the party a potluck. Each girl had to bring one food item with her, and we ended up with tons of food! The main dish was chicken salad sandwiches. You can buy a rather large supply of the meat prepared at Costco for around $12. At Costco, I also purchased a box of brownie bites that I placed out on a vintage cake stand with a pitcher of water for the girls to be able to grab throughout the night.

All in all the budget friendly spa party was a success! It had a glamours look and feel yet at the same time I didn't have to spend a lot of time or money working on crafts or cooking up elaborate spa recipes. I mostly used products that I already owned and shaved a lot of money off the budget by making it a potluck.