What is the Walmart Beauty Box and is it Worthwhile?

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What is the Walmart Beauty Box and is it Worthwhile?

August 19, 2016 - 17:00
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You may be familiar with monthly beauty box subscriptions and their rising popularity. Brands like Birchbox and Ipsy have popped up over the years offering you a mystery box of premium beauty samples delivered to you each month for a monthly subscription fee that is usually in the $10.00 range. You may be surprised to know that now Walmart has launched their own monthly box service called the Walmart Beauty Box, and it features samples of popular beauty products that are carried within their stores. I recently decided to sign up for the Walmart Beauty Box membership, and I am a fan. I wanted to do a write up on it here in case it is something you may also be considering signing up for.

How Does the Walmart Beauty Box work?
Walmart puts together a box once a season, so spring, summer, fall, and winter. You will not know exactly when the box is going to be released, but you do receive an email notifying you once it ships. As I mentioned, the website says that the box itself is free, but they do require you to pay $5 for it to be shipped to you. Therefore, when you sign up you are required to submit your credit card information. Walmart will charge your card automatically when the box becomes available for the season and is shipped out to you. It is a mystery box, so you are not able to choose the samples you want. Walmart will choose the samples for you.

What Does the Box Contain?
So far I have only received one box, which was the summer box for 2016. The box itself was surprisingly very cute! It had a feminine floral print on it, and when I opened it the contents was nicely wrapped in tissue, just like what you would expect from the premium beauty box subscriptions like Birchbox. There were samples as well as coupons. Mine had a package of nail wraps with a very cute design on them. It also had a package of hair ties, travel sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner for colored hair, two different traveled sized containers of sunless tanning lotions, a sample of in shower body lotion, as well as coupons that I could use at Walmart. I was actually pretty impressed with the size of the samples. I also found the products to be useful and from good brands, however they are drug store brands. If you prefer premium cosmetics and beauty brands, then the Walmart Beauty Box might not be for you. However, I definitely felt like I got my $5 worth and then some. Since the samples change all the time and are selected by Walmart there is always a chance that I might not like the samples, but so far I have been pretty pleased. The only critique I have is that I wish the samples had been a bit more varied. For example, my box had two lotions that were for sunless tanning plus the in shower body lotion sample. Maybe instead of three lotions, one or two of these could of been swapped for a cosmetic item or something for the face, etc.

All in all I would totally recommend the Walmart Beauty Box. It is significantly less expensive then competitors like Birchbox. The samples are impressive in size and quality, plus they were all name brand products. However, if you are looking to subscribe to a service that offers more premium products or is more makeup focused then the Walmart Beauty Box probably won't appeal to you. My box didn't contain any makeup, so the die hard makeup lovers will likely be disappointed. However I feel the value of my box was well over $5 if I were to buy all the products at Walmart, and I got to try new products that I had been curious about.

If you'd like to sign up you can click here. This is not a sponsored article, and it contains no affiliate links.

*Photo Courtesy of the Walmart Beauty Box website.